New home for More Mizsuzee’s Musings

Jinx has a Halloween collar!Hello to anyone who happens to come across this blog!  I am going to try and carry on my blog, here on WordPress ~ after being so terribly frustrated with windows live spaces.  The header on this blog is a photograph I took in September of this year, at a beautiful lake outside Juneau, Alaska.  Hubby and I went on the most fabulous cruise to Alaska back in September… stunning scenery!  More about that another time.

Occasionally I get inspired to write in my blog, and am glad to have a new “home” in which to do that.  Hopefully I’ll be making weekly entries at least. 

I love to: Be at home; travel; cook; read; stitch; keep in touch with friends and penpals; spend time with my dear husband and kids (when they visit!); hug my cat, “Jinx”; watch some reality TV like Survivor and The Amazing Race; surf the net and read other interesting blogs… plus lots more.   I’m not too fond of: getting up early; going to work sometimes; dieting and excercise; mustard of any kind!  Ok, so thats a little about me…. just the tip of the iceberg, really. 

Since today is Halloween, I’ll post a picture of my cat Jinx, sporting his adorable Halloween Collar from “Beastie Bands”.  Yes, he has one for every holiday!  🙂  We don’t get trick*or*treaters here, so it will be a quiet evening at home.  Beef Stroganoff is on the menu!  Maybe I’ll post the recipe?? 


4 thoughts on “New home for More Mizsuzee’s Musings

  1. Love your new blog Susan. Its much more user friendly than the old one. You do a great job. I look forward to your future blogs.
    Your friend, Dee H.

  2. Susan….I’m so happy you have found a new home for your blog…I look forward to checking in and reading your thoughts! Take care! ENJOY!

  3. Hi Susan,
    So good to see you with a blog up and running again….miss your thoughts that you share with all of us so well…..Love Glenda

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